Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why is every post a "Welcome Back?"

Seems like I just can't stay consistent on here!

I live a pretty busy life being a full time mom, having a full time job, training some clients in the evenings, and of course my own training and contest prep, and I try TRY to write blogs for various sites. I can't do it all and I am learning that, and that is a whole other blog post.

As for now, I competed in March, the San Diego championships, and I got 2nd place - Lessons learned: HAVE A BASE TAN. That is all. Next show is 3 weeks.

I hit the stage about 7 lbs heavier than last Feb, and 5 lbs heavier than last March. Goal is 132 for the Spartans in May 3. I am loving my prep this year, it is not to hard and I am finally learning balance and how to not over indulge in my off-times. I feel like this year is a good year. I plan on competing all throughout the year. :) More later, when I have a bit more time :)

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