Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, I did it. I competed in my second NPC figure competition on October 29th in San Diego. I had an amazing time! I learned a lot about myself in the process….
I have always been one of those people that reach for the moon but expect to grab nothing but dirt. In other words, I aim high with low expectations. I usually say things like “I so failed that test….NO, I KNOW I failed it” when it turns out I really got like a B+ or better. Well, that kind of attitude can get very annoying to people rather quickly. So when I went into this competition, I went in with realistic expectations, a positive attitude, having worked my ass off, knowing that the only variable I can control is myself.
It’s not like taking a test, where the harder you study, the better you do. You cannot control who you compete with. You may step on stage with women who have never competed before, you may only have 2 other women in your class, or you may compete with 15 other people who are practically pros at this! The only thing you can control is yourself. I told myself all during prep, and during the show, It doesn’t matter how I place, because I KNOW I am bringing a better package than my last show. And guess what? I actually meant it. I mean, who doesn’t want to bring home a trophy? But the reality is you cannot control it.
I competed with seven other women, all who looked phenomenal. I was so happy when I took 4th. I took fourth in my first competition, but I competed with fewer ladies, and they didn’t bring the same packages. I feel like I came in slightly leaner, more muscular, I hit my poses as best as I could as a second time competitor, and my hair, makeup and tan were phenomenally better. All in all, I looked and presented myself much better!
Because of everything I WAS able to control, my diets, workouts, posing practices, etc., I was better. Who cares if I was fourth, AGAIN? That is SO GOOD! So for all competitors out there who are so focused on the win: Yes, reach for the stars! Work your ass off knowing that other girls are bringing their best. Try your damndest for that first place spot. But most importantly, strive to be a better YOU. If you came in looking your absolute best in that moment, then you ARE A WINNER, no matter what spot you stand in on that stage. And you know what, next time you will continue to develop. You are your biggest competitor. Beat yourself every time, then you are WINNING always.

The red suit is my first competition in June, the Blue is my second in October.