Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ABsolutely FABulous!

Ok, lame title, but I wanted something catchy! I have not focused on my abs in years. As a former gymnast, I always had nice abs, even a 6-pack if I got lean enough. Then I got pregnant, had my wonderful son and just never really worked them. I bounced back, and my abs are still in decent shape but I miss the hard contours that I used to have pre-pregnancy. I am making my abs (and my hamstrings) more of a frontrunner focus this prep. I want a bit more definition, especially for photoshoots! So here is my abs workout today, and it kicked my booty! (or abs, rather)

Circuit 1: Repeat 3 times

·         25 Leg lifts on an incline bench (head at the top, hips at the bottom). Keep legs straight and lift your hips when your legs reach vertical.

·         25 incline crunches with a 10-lb plate

·         25 incline twists with a 10-lb plate

·         30 Medicine Ball (12-lbs) rainbow chops (over the head, knee to knee) Keep pace fast but controlled

·         250-meter rowing sprint. As fast as possible!

Circuit 2: Repeat 3 times

·         15 BOSU oblique crunches, opposite knee to elbow (15 per side)

·         20 BOSU tuck-ups. Sit with your butt on the center of the ball, legs straight out off the floor and place hands on BOSU behind your butt. Crunch knees to chest, keeping legs off the floor the whole time.

·         BOSU planks with opposite leg lift, 15 lifts per leg.

·         Medicine Ball wood chops, keeping ball centered. Start with ball overhead, then throw it between your knees while executing a small squat. Keep your chest up and hold onto the ball! It’s not a ball slam.

·         250-meter rowing sprint. As fast as possible!


Friday, April 5, 2013

My different kind of leg workout!


I like to have fun on my Friday workouts. Since I come from an athletic background, this is my day to throw in some activities I love. Now, my focus today is my hamstrings, and my glute-ham tie-ins. You know who has great hamstrings? Gymnasts and Sprinters…both of which I used to be in a past life. So I decided to work it out old school style, incorporating things I did while active in those sports, while still doing some new stuff too.

Circuit 1 - 3 sets

15 TRX Lying Hip Lift (KILLER on the hamstrings. We’re talking insta-cramp good)
10 Depth Drops (30inches) to squat, rebound to jump. These are great for eccentrically loading those hammies. No recommended for beginners.
25 Walking Lunges with 80 lb barbell
10 Med Ball (20lbs) slams combined with jumping lunges

Circuit 2 - 3 sets

15 TRX Hamstring Curls (still ouchie!)
12 Depth Drop to immediate 10yd sprint
10 each leg TRX Single leg squat jumps

Circuit 3 - 4 sets

15 TRX Squat Jumps
30 jumping lunges
25 deadlifts with 80lb barbell.

This is a sweaty messy workout and I burned 400 calories, so have fun!