Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 Updates


Well, since this blog is for both professional and personal posts, this is a personal update about fulfilling goals. When you make goals, (refer to my SMART Goals blog post), you need to make them specific, realistic and attainable, but still lofty enough that you have something to reach for. Some examples of goals that I have made and fulfilled:

1.       Compete (fulfilled 2011)
2.       Buy a house before 30 (bought a teeny, yet livable and its MINE, place at 27)
3.       Have a job with a 401K and benefits (fulfilled 2009)
4.       Train with an awesome coach (Meriza Deguzman, fulfilled and will continue fulfilling, in 2012)
5.       Win my class at a show (fulfilled Feb 2013)
6.       Compete on a National Stage before age 30 (today is 9 weeks out from NPC USA’s in Las Vegas!) so IN PROGRESS
7.       Get a sponsor that I believe in and use their products (fulfilled with Sexy-Strong) Fulfilled 2013

Which brings us to now. I was signed by Sexy-Strong, Premier Nutrition for the Female Athlete in 2013. It is a new company and the CEO is Pete Ciccone, my coach’s husband, and owner of 619 Muscle in World Gym San Diego. The fit fam I have acquired at World gym is amazing, and I am so honored that they chose me as one of their female athletes. Surrounded by other amazing ladies like IFBB Pro Meriza DeGuzman-Ciccone, IFBB Pro Francine Sablan, National Bikini competitors Khay Rosemond and Laura Powers, this is the best opportunity I have been given this year.

Sexy-Strong carries three products and it is so new, and as of right now, only the protein is available at 619 Muscle in World Gym San Diego. We have Power protein (Black Forest and Café Mocha, YUM!) which is whey isolate and designed specifically for women (100 cals/scoop, 23g protein, no sugar or fat); Burn, a powerful fat burner utilizing Green Coffee Bean, and Fuel, a pre-workout with 8:1:1 ratio of BCAAs. (sign up for updates on their website

2012 was a good year with lots of ups and downs, and 2013 so far is a great year! The point is, when you make goals, make them attainable and reach for them. Never give up! There is nothing stopping you from your goals except you. People use time, money and busy life as an excuse, especially when it comes to fitness goals. But you have to make time. You do not necessarily need a gym either (previous blog posts about at-home workouts). It is all about making a schedule and sticking with it. Make small dietary lifestyle changes. I know it is hard, but it WILL become habit, you just have to give it some time.  DO NOT crash diet, make small changes so you can stick with it. And do not fear certain food groups, just eat them in extreme moderation.

For help with personalized diets and workout plans, contact me for plans and pricing . I also started my website so check it out!