Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Peak Weak Challenges

         Well I decided to do the NPC Spartans on May 3rd. I havne been prepping for this show (my 2nd this year) but I got really sick about 3 weeks out that caused me to lose a ton of water weight (I couldnt keep any food in me except crackers...not really condusive to a competition diet). Of course when I was feeling better, my body held onto EVERYTHING and I ended up putting on more weight which has been very hard to drop off. Our bodies are build to survive and when I got that GI Virus, my body went into survival mode, hording my calories and hanging on. Needless to say, one week out I looked like shit!

       After talking with Coach, she thinks that its mostly just water weight and will fall off during this peak week. This is a smaller show, and I paid for it, so I am just oging to go balls to the walls and give it my best! So of course, this will be a hard peak week.

     Normally, I dont do anything extra special this week, because I have gotten to where I need to be (stage ready) through normal means of diet and exercise, but since I have to actually drop this time, I may have to experiement with diuretics (although I hope not). My carbs have been dropped fully (usually I still get some carbs this week), and my cardio is still high (normally I stop all workouts by weds), but I am mentally tough! Not to mention I still have my full-time job, son, family, and clients this week too! Life goes on.

       This show date marks 12 weeks out from the USAs. Since I have been dieting since December, I would really like some time off to be a little more relaxed, perhaps enjoy some food at a baseball game, etc. I just have to be very careful post show to not rebound since this week is so hardcore. No major splurging for me! The better I maintain, the less pressure USAs in July will be. Here is to motivation and wish me good luck!

If I look ok, I will post Spartan (May 3rd) pics. :)

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