Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prep Time: Its Official!

Ok, so I have been on and off the "Am I going to prep yet"? bandwagon for a while now. As you know, I started prepping for USAs last year, and due to lifestyle and financial stress, had to back out of it. Then I had surgery which sidelined training for 6 weeks and I blew up....Again.....like I promised myself I wouldn't. I am so disapointed with myself.

Last week I craweled with my tail between my legs back to my coach, admitted my weight (152, in actuality I was 154, but that number was just too embarassing to say out lout), and set out to get consistent with diet again. I dont eat bad at all. I eat very good during the week, but my weekends I dont! I might eat 2 shitty shitty meals on the weekend and thats it, or I might eat a ton of fruit during the week or sauces to condiments I wouldnt normally eat. I was tracking my calories on myfitnesspal and I was eating on average 1500 cals a day and gaining weight...Not cool!! Plus I was burning 3000+ per day with weight training and cardio... Now here I am thinking this has got to me metabolic damage/adrenal fatigure/something fucking with my body...

So craweled to coach (Meriza DeGuzman Ciccone), and she was surprisingly understanding. I only say surprisingly becuase she manages to keep her weight in check year round and is a bit of a hard ass. She got me on a "diet" of 1800 cals, so 300 MORE than I had been eating before...She decreased my cardio but increased my intensity.. I was thinking "oh boy, I am going to blow up." But I know I need to get consistend with my diet, workouts and supplements again, and I think the lack of consistency was what screwed me up before. So here I go, day 2 of new diet.

I had originally said I wouldnt compete until May or June of 2014 to let my body rest, but my last show was March 2013, and even though I dieted until July, it wasnt really a diet, just clean eating. So I decided to aim for a show. Feb 15..Capstone Classic here in San Diego.... thats 11 weeks away and I have about 21 lbs or so to loose....here goes nothing!!

Sunday 11/24 : 154.5 lbs
Tuesday 11/26: 151.4 lbs

Guess eating more and changing my cardio is working for me.