Saturday, May 10, 2014

I got 2nd, and thats OK!

So I placed 2nd at the MuscleContest NPC Spartan Championships in San Diego last weekend. I got 2nd at my last show, so I was really hoping for a first place win! 


This time, the woman who beat me looked amazing. It was a legit win :) So I am happy. Last time I was beaten on a technicality (tan wasnt dark enough) but this time, I was actually placed front and center, first callout! Now I went to a great posing seminar led by Head Jusge Tamer El Guindy and he had a couple of great take-home points that stuck with me.

1. You pose to hide your weaknesses, not necessarily to show off your best assets

2. EVERY second you are on stage counts. So if you have one bad face, one second where you slouch, and that happens to be when the judge looks at you, then guess what? You are judged based on what they see. If they only see that split second where you look like a troll, then you will be ranked accordingly.

3. EYE CONTACT with the judges. Ya, I pretty much kept my eye on the head judge and gave her my best "you want to go lesbian for me" looks. Major flirt action here.

So with those points in mind, I decided to take out my front pose, which is my weakest (thick waist and big quads). And I guess it worked because I was placed first!! It wasnt until comparisons where we have to hit front pose where I was switched to 2nd. But for a split second the judges thought I was first place material. The even better part about that, is that the girl who won, not only won my class, but she took overall in both Masters and Open.

So if you think about it, I was placed ahead of her for a split second, so the judges thought I was overall winner material. hell I will take it!

SO now, I have 11 weeks until USAs. I took basically a week off to eat, fill up, fill out, get strong again, etc. And of course I feel HUGE and Bloated, but starting Monday, its ON!! USAs here I come and I WILL BE MY BEST EVER!!

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