Thursday, October 24, 2013

Update: More Food, No Weight Gain...? I'll Take it!!

So I have stuck with the practically contest prep eating now for a while. I am on week 3. Still feeling tighter, better, and my energy levels are up. I am doing small amounts (no more than 20 minutes) of HIIT cardio 2-3 times per day. Now I know this sounds like a lot of extra time, but I work in 2 different gyms, so popping on the treadmill for 15 minutes is quite easy.

My Workout Schedule:
0430: 15-20 mins cardio (usually HIIT) on treadmill or arc
0900-1000: 60 mins of heavy weight lifting (gotta grow my shoulders and back!) followed by 10 mins of light cardio cooldown
1500-1545: Gym with the hubs. This is more me training him, but usually I get some abs, bis, tris and/or light cardio or HIIT done at this point
2000-2030: 20 mins cardio at worlds (3 days per week)

My diet has been pretty restriced. 1400-1500 calories and my weight has been maintaining at 146-148. But again, I feel tighter and Eff that scale! I usually only weight myself once a week anyway.
BUT this week I ate more food! I started some new supps on Monday, and increased my weight training intensity, and my hunger skyrocketed! Its been a while since I have been HUNGRY and not just bored or snacky. I am NOT in contest prep, so I fed myself a bit more. I totally expected to gain weight, especially since I have been eating more at night. I upped my protein and fats, but try to keep carbs lower right now (I get refeeds and high carb days). My calories for the last 3 days have probably been around 1800-1900, and a few months ago I would have ballooned up at that. But, I weighed myself this morning and I was 147.5 (which would be a previous of 143.5, pre-boobs, HEY IT COUNTS!). So no weight gain at all! This excites me!! I feel like I might actually be getting my metabolism back! YAY!!

This weekend I worked with Sexy-Strong: Premier Nutrition for Female Athletes at the Muscle Contest Pro Physique Show in Culver City. It has been a little bit since I worked, so it was fun to see and hang out with the girls again :) Here are some pics from the show. If you are interested in Sexy-Strong's Whey Isolate, Fat Burner, or Preworkout, just let me know! We can ship anywhere :)

Phil Heath decieded to stop off and say hi!
(IFBB Pro Francine Sablan, Mr. Olympia Phil Health (Duh), IFBB Pro Narmis Assria, Me and Courtney Jo ;)


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