Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Updates! 10/15 - Stop obsessing over the scale

So operation 1000% back on off-season diet is on its second week. Last week I tightenend up considerably! But when I stepped on the scale this morning - BAM...148.0...WTF? I mean, I LOOK better? Right?!?!


Possible Explanations:
1. Well, on the weekends (this one being a 3-day weekend) I am less active. During the week, I work on my feet all day, plus train clients, plus workout out twice (once for cardio, once for weights).  On the weekends, I DO work out, but I am not on my feet all day. Its my time to hang out with my family, which sometimes means cuddling on the couch under a blanket and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and ParaNorman with my son.

2. I DID add 3-lbs worth of boobage, so if I am comparing me to myself, I am really only 145, but thats still 17 lbs over my estimated stage weight. So my goal is still a 7-lb weight loss.

3. On the weekends, I am more chill. My diet is (slightly) more relaxed. No much, but I am not as strict. My carbs are a little higher, which could result in some water retention

4. This was a 3-day weekend, so add an extra day to the aformentioned explanations.

Lessons Learned: Be more active on the weekend. That doenst mean I am going to double my gym sessions, that just means I am going to spend more time on my feet. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and I am betting the scale will drop back down. Stick to the plan! And stop making excuses for my boobs being heavier!

My Plan of Attack this week!


No seriously. I have a show to work this weekend with my sponsors at Sexy-Strong: Premier Nutrition for Women. The show is Titans Grand Prix in Culver city. Its a Pro Physique show so it should be super fun! So I am going to be extra strict this week. I have been trying to build up my muslces and for the last 4 weeks have been on a heavy lifting, higher protein and moderate fat and carb diet. This week I want to change it up. Lift a bit lighter but go for volume training, add a bit more cardio, take out the carbs and increase the protein. I think its good to shock the body with a new plan every now and then. Plus, that way I can still spend 75% of my time building muscle, but this "mini-cut" will help keep my body fat in check. Had a high carb day sunday, so will go on a 4-day low, and have a moderate carb day on friday.

I will weight in tomorrow and see if I drop some water from the weekend. Inactivity tends to make me gain, so hopefully that is a good explanation.

Today I am training legs, going to high-reps but always maxing out. Tonight I will do cardio, sprints and stairs intermixed. Until next week. Thanks for following along!