Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Do Anywhere" Cardio Circuit

I have posted various circuits in the past, but I like to change them up from time to time. If you are super busy, and don’t have time to hit the gym for your cardio, and/or its too cold/dark outside, then here is a killer circuit you can do in your own home. No equipment required.

Exercise              SHORT TIME(15m)  LONG (20-30m)
                           * One Set                    * 3 Giant Sets
Star Jumps              30                                     25
Mountain Climbers  50                                     25
Jumping Jacks         50                                     25
Groiners                  50                                     25
Split Jacks               50                                     25
Frog Thrusts            50                                     25
Ski Jumps                50                                     25 
Burpees                   25                                     15
High Knees              50                                     25
Butt Kickers             50                                     25

Video Coming Soon! :)
click "captions" to see the caption, because you cannot hear me very well.

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