Thursday, January 24, 2013

Personal Update

I am just over 2 weeks out from NPC Gold Coast. Tried on my suit today, and I am already at my last stage weight (128) Although I feel a bit bloated today. I still hate my glute/hams, but they look better than they ever have before. When I water deplete, thats where it comes from, so I hope that I can get more off. With only 1 functional week left of training, I dont know how much more I can lose. I am definitely nervous. I have put more time and effort into this prep than any other one. I want to make my friends, family and coaches proud. No matter where I place, I hope I can bring my best. Trying to keep my spirits up, my energy up and bring my A game. Here is to the first show of the year, and hopefully a few more! I want to do March and April as well. I want an overall win, but after seeing my pics, I am losing confidence. I just got to keep on going. And NO I am not posting them :) Not yet anyway.

Vent session complete :)

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