Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spinach/Turkey/Egg layer Muffins

This is perfect contest prep food!

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Sautee fresh spinach until is cooked. Spray a cupcake pan with Pam and line the bottom of each cupcake holder with a layer of cooked spinach.

Next, mix 1 lb 99% lean ground turkey with various spices. I used Braggs liquid Aminos, Tapatillo, salt, pepper, mrs. dash tomato garlic, diced garlic and 2 egg whites. Add a spoonful of turkey on top of the spinach and mash so its flat-ish. Make sure you leave about 1/2 inch from the top of the cupcake tray. I used 1 pound of turkey and I had a small amount left over at the end.

Next, separate 6 egg whites (if you have  liquid egg whites, its much easier). Pour egg whites over turkey until its even with top of tray).

Place in oven for about 20 minuters (times may vary) and VOILA! Layered Turkey muffins! No carb, and a lot of flavor!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Outdoor Exercise Series - Total Body Stairs

It is getting to be that time of year when getting outside to exercise is a nice change. Here is a stair workout I designed. I will be doing this and similar workouts in group format here in San Diego soon, so contact me for more info :)

Easy Locations for Stairs:

·        Stadiums – Most professional stadiums are closed to public, but I know of some that open on random days specifically to allow exercisers in. Check out your local area. Most high-school and college stadiums and tracks are open to the public.

San Diego Specific:

  1. ·         Tierrasanta has some good stairs right by Serra High school off Clairemont Dr.
  2. ·         Downtown Convention Center
  3. ·         La Mesa Secret Stairs    

Sometimes, it is just necessary to get OUT of the gym! We need a break, the weather is great, and the fresh air is invigorating! Here is a stair workout that is so much more involved, and therefore less boring, than the tradition run-up-and-down-and-skip-steps-occasionally workout. It is a whole complex workout! Take some time and find some stairs in your area that accommodate your needs (at least 3 stories, preferably straight and not winding in a stairwell, but hey, use what you can and make it work! Even if it is simply the stairs in a one-story building)

The Workout

(For time intervals- do the exercise to the top of the stairs, and just run back down to reset at the bottom, and continue until the time ends, unless otherwise specified)


·         3 minutes walking
·         2 minutes jogging

Workout: (recover as needed, try to decrease your own recovery time a little each workout). Stand next to railing for workout and use as an “Oh-Shit-I-Am-Falling” safety rail if necessary.

Circuit: Repeat as many times as you want! J Approx 15 minutes with minimal rest

·         1 minute sprints -1 foot per step
·         15 Split Squats on bottom step
·         1 minute High Knee Run-2 feet per step
·         2 minutes three step jog- 3 feet per step-QUICK FEET
·         20 push-ups-flat
·         1 minute sprints - skip one step
·         1 minute each side – lateral walking up steps
·         20 squats-flat
·         1 minute sprint – skip 2 steps
·         2 minute lunge walk-skip 2 or 3 steps
·         20 triceps dips on bottom step

Cool Down

·         3 minutes slow walk
Stretch Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes and Calves